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Culture and traditions defines its fashion: India

Fashion has always played a key role in reflecting the ethics, ideology, culture and traditions followed by the Indian countrymen. From the very beginning, India is known to be the land of diverse cultures and religions who have different food style, fashion, and religious beliefs. Starting from extreme North to South or extreme west to east we see a huge difference between the region culture and their customs. It is the only land where culture and religion said to be a secularist. However, the fashion also played a vital role during the Boycott movement and Swadeshi movement where freedom fighters persuade the people to wear khadi garments so that British believes that they don’t need some external force to drive the country interest or manipulate the Indian resources. Hence, by this, the fashion and its importance grew consistently and still, it is rising.

Zardozi embroidery

The trends of fashion are not new in the country it is an ancient tradition since the livelihood of oldest Indus Harappa civilization. However, that is too many years back but, as the world started evolving the entire system of fashion also changes from style of manufacturing to style of wearing. During, 1980 the Indian fashion didn’t get so much importance or affiliation in the global market but after the 80’s the trends started changing the fashion industry. Between this tenure, the Indian fashion industry shows a rapid increase in the Indian fashion which not only improved but also got affiliation in the global market, the reason behind this that the set-up of cotton textiles industry in the region of Maharashtra and Gujarat belt. The first cotton textiles industry installed in Maharashtra region by the person known as Late. Dhirubhai Ambani under the company which today name as Reliance.

The common Indian fashion is Saree, Ghagra Choli, and Dhoti Kurta and apart from this, the western fashion is also booming in the country. A famous Indian fashion for which they are known is embroidery which is an art of sewing distinct but creative pattern. This art of fashion is now applied on to create new fashion which includes different dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants to reflect the western style but with the mixture of Indian tradition.

Fashion has its own legacy and its ideology to reflect one’s culture is unique, but the most important thing to know is that the Indian fashion industry has lots of common if we compare the historic era. For example, the Zardozi embroidery concept is new but we had seen the fashion previously in the culture followed Mughal regime. Then, what the embroidery become one of the most prominent and important parts of an Indian wedding.

The trends of Indian fashion is unique its own culture and have great meaning to it. But, it is true that country fashion evolved only after the liberalization which took place during 1990, it gave new directions and vision to the Indian fashion industry. Therefore, being fashion is our heritage we should protect it and promote it whenever possible rather than promoting western culture. At present, there are institutions in India which are providing excellent contributions in urging the culture of Indian fashion and its traditions.

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