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Tips to remember when you are a soul women traveler

Traveling alone as a woman carries some risks.  So be prepared to avoid a few pips and travel safely and here are a few tips.

Traveling alone as a woman is possible and even pleasant. But there are a few basic rules to follow. It is important to choose your destination according to your personality, your desires, what you want to see, what you want to live as an experience. So it’s better to choose a low risk destination, so safe enough, at least for your first experiences.

women traveler

It is advised to find out about the desired destination from a recognized travel agency. It is necessary first to check the political situation of the country.Do not hesitate to also check out blogs and tourist guides. Make a search on your favorite engine with the words “forum voyage”, you will discover a small gold mine of information. It would also be wise to make a computer copy to keep on your USB stick or in your emails in case of loss or theft of your documents. Keep your luggage locked at all times. Plan to bring a cell phone that allows you international calls. Give news to your loved ones regularly either by email at cybercafés, or by phone or cell phone. Let them also a brief itinerary of your trip. If you change your itinerary, leave a note in your room.

When it comes to traveling at a lower cost, you should stay in youth hostels, at a resident recommended to you by a friend, or that you will deny to other travelers who have already experienced the experience or yet to meet locally. This is the best way to make beautiful and enriching encounters and also share the customs of the country visited. Go outside the holiday periods or school holidays this will help you save on your travel expenses like your airline ticket. On site, use public transport. If your travel destination requires a car, do not take a hitchhiker and do not use this means either, take the bus.

Traveling alone as a woman

Traveling alone as a woman is possible, travel light, use a suitcase fitted with casters, bring a backpack for your excursions. Provide light, but comfortable, and suitable clothing, as customs vary from country to country. Learn a few key words in the language of the country, meet local women and talk to them about your culture, your clothes, and your children if you have one! Ask them to teach you a few words in their language as well as key phrases used in their area!

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