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When it comes to formal look, men have their standardized “suit’s cute” privilage. Where women linger their minds off, thinking what to wear and what not prioring any social formal event. Options and choices seem to have a drastic limitation and certain unsureness, specially if you’re trying to make a point in desi attires.

But don’t worry,the blog got you covered. As here, we will be talking about the five different gram pieces and accessories and how to and not to incorporate them while getting ready for a bit of reserved professional environment. Since the trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan is gaining momentum nowadays, it is easier to buy stuff online.


Starting from the top, if you’re dressing up for some meeting,presentation or business event, choosing the long-length would be a very safe option to go for. Also the size DOES matter here. Although you don’t have to go for the skin fittings as well, if you’re not comfortable in it. But what I am asking you, is to play with the fittings until you got what suits you the best. Online Kurtas in Pakistan are easily available on giant ecommerce sites like Chase Value Centre etc. You can even consider Signature Lawn by VS Textiles.

Long length KURTAS

Long-length with perfect fitting to compliment the shape without any extra flaunts

loose fit KURTAS

Subtle loose fit with button down front,exclusively formal yet classy


Churi-dars and tights are the ultimate pair for kurtas and shirts, but let’s experiment a little. Match it with all-hyped-again bell bottoms, plazos and trousers. All of these will make you feel more easy and less outlined. Wear chic Women Apparel Online shopping is now easier for everyone to buy. Don’t miss the chance!

But if you really want an impactful image of your look,whatever you do please stay away from the gheer-dar shalwars, be it dhoti,patyala,or even the traditional one. Tulips could be an exception in some cases.

Straight black trouser

Straight black trouser,when in doubt go for the black

Loose fitted capri

Loose fitted capri, spacious and roomy

Bell-bottom cut trouser

Bell-bottom cut trouser


For a lot of us the question,”what to do with this dupata?” is rather an argument than just a question. Either cases the problem is not the existence but more about the lack of styling oportunities. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to swirl around your dupata mystical.


Carry it on your shoulder likewise, to create an elegant and decent look

or you can just wrap it around your neck to have a chick flic but catchy appearance


Draping a little around shoulder with low necked, a very practical and stylish way

What not to do when it comes to dupata styling, is to avoid hanging it and letting it collect all the dirt and dust from the floors. This could apparently show case you as a careless person and definitely the one who doesn’t have her checks together(which obviously you can’t  afford to reveal, so shh..).


Ladies if we were to get a penny each time we miss-match our shoes with our outfits, we would all be wrecked. Because whatever we do, we don’t mess with our footwear. But when it come to formals, we can have our bad days. To avoid them once and for all,here are some footwear options which will look immensely pair-able with desi apparels.


Peep toe, looks the best with almost anything and everything

Wanted to avoid heels?


What other best option than sandals.Casual and trendy


Simple and pretty kolapuris

what to avoid is the overly decorated kolapuri chapels with vibrant colors and also the awful looking home slippers are a complete NO-NO for formal atmospheres.



Not at all advisable for any formal event!


There are more don’ts than dos for this category. Over accessorizing for office or professional environment is like broadcasting yourself for nothing. The best accessory you can carry are the wrist watches.

Avoid all the bangles and jhumkas please, bear in mind that this is a formal event and not a wedding.For such events the best accessory tip would be,”less is more”.Even for the wrist watches go for the decent pieces with big or small dials,whatever suits your taste.

Fragile and beautiful

Metal belt with slight bigger dials

Not suitable over formal attires and contain a hint of immature taste

Unlike the gents, ladies can have an advantage of not having any formal dressing code. We can play along with our choices to dug in our best professional looks. Can add and substract a little according to our mood and spirit, avoiding the strictly non-permisable only. So ladies,last but not the least ,” dress best,look fab and conquer the world ahead with your confidence”.

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