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Breathe life into your dead car with a lithium ion jump starter

With the changing face of transportation, motorized vehicles have become a mainstay of the system. Our entire economy balances delicately on the tip of the iceberg, called transport, which, for the efficient running of the world’s machinery and all its parts, must work efficiently.

Along with a dashing automobile, one must also make sure to have a number of fail-safes. One of them is called a jump starter, which is of two kinds, lead-acid and lithium-ion jump starter. The failsafe in question is a battery-like device that is used to bring a dead car battery to life.

Left the headlights on? Lounged comfortably in a parked, air-conditioned car? Only to discover that the battery ran out of juice? Well, jump starters save you a whole lot of trouble. With the ability to store a charge ranging from four hundred to one thousand and seven hundred amperes, this device is easily hooked up to the car battery and, in less than half an hour, gets your precious four wheeler up and running again.

As for its two kinds, the lead-acid version is no longer in popular use. It is big, bulky, and loses charge over time due to a phenomenon called sulfation. The lithium-ion jump starter, though, is here to stay due to a number of reasons –

  1. It is much lighter compared to the lead-acid version.
  2. It is compact, and up to 90% smaller in size than its lead-acid version.
  3. The lithium-ion jump starter can be left idle for as large a time period as 10 years and still maintain its functionality.
  4. It has a solid state switch that ensures the battery does not get overcharged or discharged while maintaining the internal temperature, increasing the battery’s overall life.
  5. Lithium ion jump starters have an internal cell load balancing mechanism that increases it’s efficiency many-fold.
  6. It is all business with no danger. Sparks, a common product of jump starting batteries, are eliminated by the use of lithium ion jump starters.

Using these devices also makes the use of jumper cables redundant, since no separate vehicle is being used as the source. However, before jumping on the bandwagon and bringing a jump starter home, one must consider the best way to choose the perfect lithium ion jump starter.

Keeping a number of points in mind, the buyer must think about durability, cost-effectiveness, safety and performance of the jump starter, and if you haven’t already, purchase a lithium jump starter and insure your vehicle against a dead battery.

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