Know About The SQL Server 2016 Licensing

If you are using the SQL server 2016, then you need to know the licensing so that you can have it. While having its licensing, first of all, you should know what it is. It is always one of the more confusing aspects of any software or product. When it comes to the SQL Server 2016, there is no exception in that. There are different editions and licensing models of the SQL Server 2016 available, from which you can opt for any of them. It is also important to clear that how licensing works in high-availability scenarios and virtualization. At the same time, before choosing it, go through the sql server license cost.

Editions and models of the licensing

As there are many editions of the SQL Server 2016, each one has different licensing models. There are online companies, which offer users a chance to get licensing and editions of their choice and needs at an affordable price range. Cost and other factors go side by side, as all of them is important to clear out before getting any of the SQL server 2016 editions. The below-mentioned is the overview of the SQL Server 2016 versions along with the licensing information:

  • Enterprise Version- It has core licensing only
  • Standard Version- With it, you will get core or server along with the CAL licensing. CAL is abbreviated as the Client Access License.
  • Express Version- This version can be accessed free of cost
  • Developer Edition- You can also access this version free of cost without any hassle
  • Evaluation Edition- With it, users will get a 180-day trial to test its features or anything else

When you have decided to go for the Standard and Enterprise version licensing, you should know about a lot of things related to the Express and Developer versions that can be used without investing any amount of money. Let’s discuss some essential things:

  • First of all, both of the Developer and Enterprise editions have the same features.
  • The Developer Edition is completely free to have.
  • The Developer Edition can be run on many devices;however, you cannot use it for production workloads.
  • If we talk about the Expression Edition, it can be used for the purpose of production workloads;however, they are restricted to an individual CPU and 4 cores, the 1GB of RAM. Of course, one another limitation is the 10GB per database.

Get the licensing online

In any case, if you are interested in getting any of the editions, knowing the sql server license cost is all important. On the web, you can find many companies, which deal with the SQL server licensing. An interesting thing is that they offer many discount and special offers on some of the editions. No matter which edition you need, SQL Server 2016 is the huge leap forward in the history of the Microsoft data platform. With the help of the SQL server 2016, you can use real-time business analytics, advanced security technology, and inbuilt data analysis. Moreover, people will also get support of the hybrid cloud and mobile device scenarios.

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