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Quick guide on towel warmers and its essence

Like all other towel radiators, people are also looking forward towel warmers where you can eventually maintain consistent warmth in all your cloakrooms or washrooms respectively. Consider a 200mm wide towel radiator where it is directly connected to heating device or system on the wall, so that all your towels gets dried up and puts warm and maintains a healthy environment once you enter your room where it is actually fits up.

Working on towel warmers:

It includes two types such as electric and hydronic towel warmers as these are quite efficient which acquires less power consumption. Mostly current towel warmers are assisted with auto shut off timers along with thermostats respectively.

Electric towel warmers consumes two types of low watt elements  such as dry and wet element where these can be operated accordingly on a timer basis in the form of on and off’s respectively to put the towels warmer and dry.

Hydronic towel warmers acts like a 200mm wide towel radiator where its existed hot water eventually runs out through bars of the towel or towel rails for a definite consistency warmth.

Essence of towel warmers during installation:

It depends on heating system and mounting styles where many people utilize it like a toaster while some others wants for a professional installation and eventually connect to your house plumbing system. So the existence of electric warmers where it looks likes a hardwired and electric system plug-in. Similarly hydronic towel warmers are utilized as a best resource while remodeling especially in case of installation.

Configurations of towel warmers:

These warmers are available in various configurations especially found in 3 mounting styles. It includes floor mounted, free standing and wall hung styles. These styles are eventually available in plug-in electric versions due to they are moreover connected to plumbing heating system. The existence of a towel warmer namely hydronic ones as these are electric version only. So that you are necessarily required to mount wall and floor also. Huge varieties of configurations are available in terms of different shapes or sizes for all kinds of rooms especially bathrooms, powder rooms etc.

Cost range of towel warmers:

Depending upon the installation, requirements needed for its installation, based on your desired size and shape etc, approximately the range of cost will be varied from 40$ to 4k$ will be calculated. Compared to towel radiators, these warmers are also designed with esteemed quality and can be utilized for all kinds of rooms unlike radiators where only heating plays a key role in radiators compared to warmers.


Hence towel warmers are comparatively very beneficial to radiators as these eventually keep the room warmer and if required only heating device occupies active mode respectively.

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