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Skyfall Tuxedo- the Favorite James Bond Suits

With the most desirable wardrobe of all time, James Bond is the ideal stylish gentleman. Whether he’s in the desert, the Alps, a social establishment, an undersea battle scene, or getting a sensual yet perilous massage, his wardrobe is never less than perfect. But if you can’t move back and forth the expensive stuff or it’s all sold out here’s the work around.

The most favorite of all of James Bond suits, is the dark blue tuxedo he wore in Skyfall. The uniqueness and shawl satin lapel makes this suit as favorite for everyone. The color, according to the movie, is called ‘midnight black’. The Exotic Bespoke  uses a very similar color in our suits called dark navy blue. This midnight blue color is fairly dark and looks almost black in low light areas. Also of exacting interest is the lapel. Bond’s jacket has what’s known as a shawl lapel. They are also usually black and satin for an added sheen that gives it an extra royal look one may need for a formal event. Overall, this is an actually a sharp suit whose style is unique enough where there is only one other bond film this type of jacket appears.

Midnight blue is a suitable substitution for black in black tie clothing, and is in fact considered by many to be more formal than black.  And if you’ll defense the pun, that rule doesn’t just come out of the blue.  It’s all regarding the darkest dark.  Under come lights, black tuxedos can take on a greenish hue.  Under these and many other lighting situations, midnight blue in fact looks blacker than black, and therefore more official than black.

Possibly the most important feature of all of Bond’s suits is that they fit. Even with a low-priced suit, you can make it look its best by tailoring it suitably. At Exotic Bespoke, they custom make all of our suits to the customer’s measurements. This way, you get your suit all set to wear as soon as it arrives and you save money by not having to go to the tailor.

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