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Subscription Plan

Why A Subscription Plan Is Better Than Prepaid

Nowadays, it is a rarity to find a person without a smartphone. the technology has become so widespread and affordable that literally, everyone can now afford one. Owning a phone, much less a smartphone is viewed as extravagant before the age of the mobile phone. Now, it is an absolute necessity in a world that runs on communication and being connected at all times. Being in constant communication is the lifeblood of almost all businesses in today’s digital marketplaces and offices. Because of this, telecommunications companies reign supreme as they compete for the position of being the number one network provider among millions of potential subscribers.

Prepaid and Postpaid

     There are two ways of getting and paying for the services that these telcos provide, one you can buy a predefined amount of airtime or data and consume it or two, you can enroll in a subscription plan and truly remain connected without any worries of your “load” running out. Prepaid is pretty much self-explanatory, you buy a certain amount of credits for airtime or data and then forget about it once consumed. However, with a postpaid plan, it gets a bit more complicated than that.

smartphone technology

Why A Subscription Is Better

      Having a telefonabonnement is so much more than just buying prepaid credits for your smartphone. For one, a subscription plan can provide you with the smartphone itself. Remember, the competition among telecommunications companies is fierce and all of them want subscribers and retain them as much as possible. Because of this competition, telcos shower the potential customers with benefits, design to lure them in and keep them satisfied. Subscription plans almost always come bundled with a free smartphone. These would usually be the latest in smartphone technology and just by subscribing or paying a small amount one can have the latest gadget for free. That is just the tp, subscription plans often offer unlimited calls and messaging to same network subscribers. Plans come bundled with free apps or streaming services that are designed to attract more plan holders. In the end, the consumer comes out as the winner.

Final Word

      Ultimately your needs will dictate whether or not you need a phone subscription or not. If you use your phone for business or work, then most probably you will need a subscription for both data and calls. If you use it for work, then it once again becomes a necessity. For the family man wanting to communicate with his family, both prepaid and subscription might work. It could be a bit of a challenge to decide, as there are no shortages of options out there.

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